Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Easy As Pie

Photo by Sharon J. Gramling
That's my twin sister Lynette's peach pie. It is every bit as crunchy, cinnamon-sweet, and stuffed with flavorful peaches as it looks - believe me.

But eating another piece of it today made me think of God's love. Yes, you heard me... the pleasure of pie put my thoughts on Daddy's heart of love.

Think about it, y'all - accepting His love is as easy as pie.  His plan of salvation is attractive and aromatic; when we cut a slice and bring a piece of it to our lips, it tastes great.  God's full, fruitful flavors of promise recline on our tongues and, when we realize its true richness and benefit, our eyes roll back into our heads and we say, "Yes, Lord! Your plan is sooo good!"  Just like peach pie.

Then, when we swallow it down, the supernatural power and sweetness (much like the citrusy energy and sugary goodness of pie) gives us such strength, vigor, and satisfaction all we want to do is pass it on and tell others about His awesome plan.

Now tell me that's not just like our fantastic God! Receiving His love is as easy as pie.  =0)

Be blessed, everyone.

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)