Wednesday, August 20, 2014

God Never Stops Being Good

Folks who step on you - or make a daily practice of trying to - have problems of their own to which we should always be sympathetic.  It's simply God's way to lean towards seeing and understanding "the good" in others, as He defines it, for - in and of ourselves - there is no good thing. All of God's plans and destiny for everyone are good - that's why we need to feast on His definitions only.

God is good and merciful every day and night; the light of His goodness shines far after our patience has been exhausted.  We need God's light and patience and overall character to show us the way, always.  God never stops being good.  These are simple truths, I know... probably what we would naturally call "no-brainers", right?

But where do these simple truths go when we get riled beyond our ability to conceal? What happens when our "uglies" of doubt, fear, unbelief, manipulation, anger, word-twisting, blame-shifting, and control are starkly exposed? Even now, occasionally, all of God's abiding, persevering truth floating in our mind's surficial seas sinks straight to the bottom - yielding to the fear, excuses, immaturity, and double-talk of the flesh.

When we encounter ungodly opposition, we are to extinguish it with Daddy's heart of understanding.  When folks try to wriggle out of yielding to God's truths in humble obedience, the answer is not for us to throw our hands up and be done with them... rather, we ourselves must yield to God's merciful handling of these realizations and pray for His light to reach them in the dark places their very own words and behaviors expose.  That may be considered a tall order for us, my friends... but not for God.

God is good, all the time, and God dwells within us through Holy Spirit.  His resting place within us is a sweet promise of eternal victory over the wiles of the devil as long as we are unwilling to give place to the knee-jerk, sinful reactions of the flesh and - instead - ask Abba to "show us the good" in our circumstance.  He always will, beloved.  Always.

He is good to all who call upon Him for rescue by His mercy and love.  Let's pray...

[Merciful Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh, I thank You for Your hiding place of mercy and tenderness which You have settled in my heart. I release, relinquish, and abandon my way to Yours in all things.  Father, please teach me to draw on Your character like I draw breath, no matter the circumstance... daily multiplying Your goodness in my heart to overflow into the hearts and lives of others, in Jesus' Name.  Cause me, dear Father, to draw on Your wisdom instead of my emotions when I've been wronged or hurt. If You did not condemn, Lord - but rather forgave - please enable me not to condemn either, but be filled with Your heart of forgiveness towards others to Your eternal praise, honor, and glory. I yield my heart to Your ongoing, merciful change in Christ's Holy Name I pray and thank You.  Amen.]

God bless you.

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)