Wednesday, August 6, 2014


To the Father of my soul and spirit, and the Creator of all:

When I'm in the air, You carry me upon the breath exhaled from Your mighty lungs.  Dear God, You cover me, You protect me, and You don't mind that I sometimes take things for granted day by day.  I don't mean to take them lightly, but I'm fragile and forgetful... and human.  You take these things into account and never forsake Your post of Divine Husband watching over my soul.

Make me fruitful in all of thanksgiving to You, my Father - for without You I would have tumbled down to the earth from 40,000 feet to meet my appointed end on earth.  But You with Your unfailing Love have held me - upon earth and air - with Your faithfulness and precious word to me, saying... "I will never leave you, nor forsake you."  And I believe.

Father, I thank You for Your stalwart faithfulness unto me.

As for the angels You revealed on the journey - their existence is true and encouraging, their countenance and loyalty is beautiful - their focused, obedient love of You is immaculate. You know my heart, O, God.  I thank YOU for being their Source eternal as well as mine; for YOU are the Source of all things.  As the Sovereign King, Your choice to grant us glimpses of messengers and their assignments on Your behalf I welcome entirely, for You alone are GOD, and beside You there is no other.  Selah.

Father, Your love to me is wonderful - passing the love of men or women, boys or girls, or any other person, place, entity, or possession.  I love You.

Thank You for Your faithful protection of me and my best friend as we traversed the entire country held safely within the palm of Your hand... Your gentle, fun, forgiving, passionately loving, and all-merciful hand.  Indeed and Amen it is true that "safety is of the Lord"!

I love You.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)