Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Need It? Want It? God's Got It!

Daddy will quench the thirst of your heart and feed the hunger at the exact place of your longings. That's what He's done for me.

Ever get before God and just pour out your heart in tears telling Him exactly how you feel about a certain thing, and then have Him send you the answer in obvious, beautiful response to what you were articulating through Holy Spirit's power? I have, and I believe so have many of you... tell me what's even remotely close to bathing your soul in such satisfaction and fulfillment?

Yep, I know... nothing.

He is the water for our thirst, the food for our hunger, the scratch for our itch, the cool to fevered brows, and the thawing warmth to hardened hearts.  Daddy is our everything.  Only Jesus can satisfy your soul, and I don't mean for just a little while - I mean eternally.

Feel like you're missing something in your life, or the main thing your soul wants to do for God is eluding you? Ask the Lord to guide you, to put your hand on His circumstance for your life and define it within your heart, His way.  He will; and all you'll be able to do before His Throne in thanksgiving is cry and say, How great and mighty You are, O, God, my Father!  For You know all things - including the destiny most gratifying to my heart.  I thank You that I belong to You forevermore, for You alone have made my heart to sing!  Hallelujah!

Don't know your purpose? Ask God to show you.  He has one for you, you know.  He has one - a great and mighty one - for us all, if we are only willing to pursue it according to His purpose.  The tailor-made answer for your soul's satisfaction awaits you in the comforting arms of Jesus.  The Godhead ARE everything you need to live a life of Godliness and strength and joy everlasting.

Pour the pitcher of Their Love for you over your head TODAY, and be blessed!


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)