Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pity Their Unbelief

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, all those who are in Christ are spirit beings.  While every human has a soul, through faith in Jesus Christ believers have received the destined awakening of their "spirit-man" and move throughout the realms of light and darkness under the protection, power, and leading of Almighty God.

While the flesh wants to either alter the "concept" of God or ignore Him altogether, spirits of Christians as well as the souls of humankind ALL know full well He exists and cannot be truthfully denied. Every breath we take is full of His mercy and presence; every spark of our brainwaves declares His Sovereignty and excellent work.

That's why there's a battle.

Smh at "unbelief"

Think of how ludicrous it is for atheists and unbelievers to put up such a fight against someone they truly believe isn't there! They strike at the air and vigorously enlist others to do so, contradicting with every blow their foolish declaration that there is no God.  Why lash out at "nothing" if you honestly, utterly, and sincerely believe "nothing" is there?  Moreover, if it truly is nothing, in the end, why should it matter if others believe it's "something"?  That's their issue, right? And even if they try to make it your issue - it's nothing, remember? So, shouldn't "nothing" be completely harmless and ineffective? Then why the infernal fuss about God? Why?

BECAUSE GOD IS REAL.  HE LIVES, and the enemy knows He lives. HE IS ALL-POWERFUL, and the enemy knows that, too.  Most important, ALL AUTHORITY in Heaven and Earth (and below the earth) has been given to JESUS THE CHRIST and none other; ALL JUDGEMENT has also been committed unto Him.  The enemy especially knows and fears this, but he doesn't want others to know and - at all costs - he doesn't want us "authority-wielding" Christians to realize how thoroughly we can mow him down in Jesus' Name!  Hallelujah!

Since God is a constant reality, and He is Sovereignly aware of our thoughts, emotions, movements, and choices there is no "getting around Him" short of blatant denial.  (Think about it:  Someone who doesn't exist need not be denied!)  Those who make that effort are shrieking volumes about the paltry condition of their hearts.

Merciful God

Let's apply this discernment to prayer for God's mercy to descend on the pain-filled, self-contradicting masses denying His existence.  After all, at one time we were numbered with the aching unsaved, but God and His mercy caused the piercing light of His Truth to bring life to our deadened existence.  Walking carcasses no more are we! But we are children of the Living God and walk in the light of His love because somebody cared enough to intercede for us, so the work that was done on the bloody cross of Christ could take hold of our lives for our eternal good.  Hiyah!

What if it still were you, beloved?  Wouldn't you want there to be enough unconditional love and hope within believers to extend to you a prayer of such rescue?  I would.

Let's face it... folks who skirt the issue of God's existence are full of fear.  They need prayer.  They need mercy.  THEY NEED JESUS.  But they are only going to get Him through God's power in those of us who believe.  God's compassion and persevering love of unbelievers at work within us is the greatest weaponry against the enemy.  Only the humble, merciful undertaking of prayer on their behalf will penetrate their souls with the saving knowledge of Jesus.  The ultimate choice of accepting or rejecting Him is theirs - but let's resolve today to pray them through to the point of decision.

As you are praying for their acceptance of the reality of good and evil, and of God's existence, and of Christ's loving sacrifice, think to yourself - where would I be if someone hadn't  prayed for me?


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Unfailing Arms": A Poem

If it hadn't been for the Lord, I would be dead and in hell right now.  All who know Christ have that same testimony, I reckon.

When I'm contemplative on my bed and wake up in the morning, still contemplative, a poem ensues. Today is no different (only this one doesn't rhyme), as my thoughts gather together to proclaim themselves gratefully to God.

Enjoy, dear ones... and God bless you!


I sit safely on the soft shores of Daddy's Love because He has saved me from the sea of my trifles; I'm more trouble to myself, at times, than the enemy affords.

God breathes life back into lungs once heavy-laden with sorrow; the blanket of His rest has lifted downcast eyes.

I sit watching from safe shores all the benefits of "plenty"; all the fruits of His Great Love are now mine to enjoy.

He won't suffer memories to ripple their travail against the trusty banks of faithfulness that He has lodged in me; nor will He see my head bowed to fear.

I look down at choppy waters (raging angrily without me) from the high nest of the sanctuary in which He settles me.

The waves bounce and splash about, but they cannot touch me; I'm enveloped - resting warmly - in Christ's unfailing arms.

(Copyright © 2014 by Sharon Joy Palmer. All Rights Reserved.)


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Brief Overview

There are all kinds of ways to relate to people, and I am learning that as God courses me through discipling others.  God tailors His teaching and treatment of our ills to our personality bent... He has to, because so many of us receive Truth differently.

It's the same Truth - it's Jesus - but each person perceives and receives Jesus and information in general, differently.  It's like God relating to Mack as a woman (in The Shack) because Mack didn't have a positive relationship with his father.  God will also submit to our perceptions of Him as an "old" and almost "grandfatherly" figure, if that gives Him an inroad to our hearts.  Because once He has a way in, He can process our lives to eventually receive the fullest and most accurate accounting of His being we can handle.

That happened to me.

So lately I've been introduced to some more "new ways" of relating to people's hearts in Jesus - by His definitions and in ways indicative of His "Pastor" heart.  He's training me and giving me constant affirmations (MUCH needed) as I continue on His way.

People are wonderful and terrible, and I can see why He loves us so much.  The "terrible" stuff all happens for a reason.  No excuses, but definitely reasons for everything (my stuff included).  That tenders me to human existence in general and even softens my heart towards myself, which is so necessary.  Forgiveness is not only to be outstretched to others, but we are to bathe ourselves in the same sweet oils we release.  We desperately need it poured from our hearts upon our hearts, by God's awesome power.

New things and new ways are being introduced and absorbed; new assignments are being undertaken and granted 'His' success, and the adventure continues in Christ's Name. 

I'm enjoying it.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More Truth on Deliverance

Sitting on my couch last night, I realized God had restored my joy.

There's been deliverance going on here for quite some time and, in its midst, the only place I find true relief is through praise and worship.  There was a lot of that going on in my home on Sunday, and it broke through the sobering, stilling effects of exposure.  When God allows the elements He wishes to deliver to surface in us, it can get ugly or very quiet or really teary for many days.  This time, for me, I was quiet and teary while I prayed and submitted to His hand upon me.

Exposure is our friend, and subsequent deliverance is the bridge to reaching ever-rising levels of freedom.  While we're here and submitted to God, that process won't end because there's just too much within each of us that needs delivering.

Yesterday, inside myself, I searched for an emotion that had been tormenting me... and I couldn't find it!  Later that night, I looked for the same emotion when I recognized what would have been a trigger for it... but it was gone.  In my heart, I laughed - and when I laughed, I felt pure joy overtake me, such as I hadn't felt since the last time I gave praise in total turning from my circumstances.  Actually, this joy was even greater than that, because the yucky stuff I turned my back on wasn't there anymore.  It was gone!  It had been taken away by the Father of Lights, in Whom there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning... and all that remained within me was light - His light and nothing else.  Amen.

Ah, deliverance is so worth it, my friends.  Exposure ain't pretty, but its "fishing" techniques are crucially necessary. You'll know by Holy Spirit when Abba is putting His finger on an issue in your life, beloved.  I encourage you to let your heart be exposed to the Father.  Let Him fish out the lies which form clots of hurt, wounding, misconception, and unrighteousness; then lift the deception and dross to His hands in His Name.  When you release them, He'll take them from you... and you will never, no never again be the same.


Blessing His Holy Name,

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

His Love Awaits...

You'll know Him when you find Him, my friends.

There is no sense of safety, security, and rest surrounding and embodying anything or anyone to the piercing, penetrating depth of God's Presence.  The caring, concern, and passion of His unfailing love will burn every ounce of your flesh to the ground.  Then, that same love will rebuild, renew, reform, transform, rescue, deliver, and heal your every sinew and your every mindset, belief system, and heart issue to wholeness, health, and healing.

There is none like our Beloved!  Glory to His Precious, Holy Name...!

And when you're desperately and genuinely seeking truth, you'll respond to Him with love - believe me - whether you think so or not, for what's inside of you is crying out for Him and Him only; nothing and no one else can satisfy.  Reach out to Him in sincerity today, dear ones, and you will be entrenched in His success.  Like His word says, you'll find Him when you seek Him with all your heart.  The One Who your soul loves is waiting...  Hallelujah!


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thoughts About Righteousness

Just because a path is well beaten doesn't make it the right one.

I've been thinking about that truism lately, and going over things in my mind and emotions like how well I've always gotten along with women (much more so than men), or even how much "easier" establishing relationships with men would be if I just agreed to fornicate.  The enemy would like nothing better than for my life in Christ to "give way" to the ways of the world and the lifestyles/activities that "seem normal" just because they're so prevalent.

No way, baby... not this girl.  By the grace of Almighty God our Heavenly Father, I am and always will be Daddy's girl, and satan's flunkies, trickeries, and lies have reached me too late.

Have I ever been tempted to return to homosexual life? Absolutely.  Have I ever been tempted to "go get myself a man" using "easy sex" as the lure (some will sleep with you if your body's warm) instead of living chastely before God? Yep.  I'm in no ivory tower, folks; but Daddy has promised to save me from the world, the flesh, the devil AND from my fleshly predilections for sin if I but ask Him.  Crying out for God's help works, y'all!  Holy Spirit will always help you run away from sin, and He'll hold open the door to Abba's "way of escape" if you simply allow it.

Many have been the times yucky memories and sinful thoughts have battered down my doors and taken me (temporarily) captive to sin.  Yes, it's true that I've given in to anger, lust, and debauchery in life.  Daddy is still working on anger issues within me regarding childhood molestation; His love comforts me still regarding the painful avenues of betrayal from friends and family along life's way.  With the aid of warfare prayers I turn my back on darts, attacks, assaults, and assignments demons undertake to deter me and those I love from God's anointed course, and I praise Daddy for His "keeping" power.
"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." (Proverbs 14:34)
I've been thinking about that scriptural truth also.  Life isn't about beauty or fashion or race or creed; it's not about political office or money or social status.  It's about righteousness by God's definitions.  Period.  That's all it will ever truly be about, my friends.  So, it's up to me and you to sit down with Holy Spirit to talk about it.  The day I stop confessing sin or praising God for delivering me safely from it is the day I lose sight of His righteousness.

Constant communication with God is the impregnable key, because I don't maintain myself in righteousness or right-standing with Abba ... HE does!  He's the Chief Cornerstone controlling all the balance of my temple; all the plans, orchestrations, blessings, rescue missions, and maintenance operations of my heart, mind, will, and emotions are clutched safely in His hands.  That's the only way to live; set apart from the deadly machinations of this world and the enemy's divisive manipulations of it.  What seems normal to the world is sin and bondage in the eyes of God, dear ones.  Throughout life, I've had to realize that repeatedly.  It just isn't worth it to go chasing after folly and futility, beloved.

Keep your eyes on Jesus.  Yield to His tender instruction, constant affirmations, and keen discernment of your life's circumstances.  Steal away to His Peace.  If you open the door of your life to Him, He has promised to come in and put His power to delivering you from sin.  Trust Him, and turn away from the maddening crowds rushing over the land like the swells of a filthy tsunami.  Ask Holy Spirit to hold open your way of escape from sin, then flee from it with all your heart! You'll be so glad you did, and Daddy's rewards will follow you and maintain your coffers in humility, strength, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

Life isn't meant to be about constantly dodging sin, but about basking in the joy and greatness of Abba and the glory of His Holy Name resting, ruling, and abiding with you always. Amen. Righteousness will keep you in that state, beloved, but the choice to reach out for it, wear it as a garment, and turn your back on all of the world's ways... is yours.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord"
(Romans 12:11b)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Always Look Up

I love the concentration of hands folded to the Lord.  I just do.

To me, these hands are earnestly entreating Him, but with a comfortable casualty I find attractive.  These hands know the Lord in terms of His love for them (and certainly the soul attached to them), so they're not pensive or formal, but respectful and grateful... lovingly approaching Him.  That's what God and our relationship with Him is all about, IMO.  "Today, dear Lord, these are the praises of You on my heart; today, dear sweet Lord, I will worship You as my Father; today, dear Lord, these are the concerns on my heart; and today, Merciful God, I say thank You."

For me with our God, that makes the world go around.

Not a "morning person"?  Meet with God daily whenever you can.  He'll accept you, not reject you.  Besides, every day and time we meet with the Lord is in its own way "the break of day" as His love shines refreshingly upon us to start again in the hours of life and living that await.  Make no mistake - meeting with Him just before sunrise is wise and absolutely awesome, but so is blessing Him with your presence as "the evening and the morning" become the next day.  Remember that God's new days actually start in what we call the evening (or sundown)...  that's an awesome understanding if the enemy tries to condemn you for not waking up at 4:30 a.m. every day.

Like me, you've probably done both, and also you've probably had seasons where you meet with Jesus morning, noon, and night to His utter delight.  Truthfully, saints... He just wants to meet with you - period - daily. I love it that His ears listen for the uniqueness of our voice. As the Psalmist indicates, looking up at Him when we pray is also an intimate plus; it's like making eye contact with someone we trust.  God knows where your eyes are at all times, but lifting a trusting head to Him (acknowledging Him as your only Source for help) genuinely melts His heart. I know it melts mine to realize His eyes are fixed upon me always, but it's especially meaningful and mushy when I pray.  My goodness, I love Daddy... yes, I do.

The comfort and ease His Spirit establishes within us in confidence that He hears our prayers and actually awaits them in joyful expectancy every "morning" does my being worlds of good. My relationship with my Heavenly Father is the greatest, most powerful, life-changing constant my soul has or could ever possibly experience.  God has planned it for me from before the foundation of the world, and He has also planned it for every single one of you.  So relax those hands as you meet with the God of all comfort.  Rest easily in your place of daily heart exchange with Him, and always look up...


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So, if I met "the old me" today...

There are so many things I recognize about myself today that I would never have recognized years ago.  Back then, I was pompous and defensive.  Though good-hearted and soft-hearted, I was extremely insular and afraid - pretty much of everything - though I wouldn't admit it.

While I'm certainly not saying that since those days I've "arrived" at the top of some ivory tower, I am saying that Christ has taught me many things about His depth of love for me since then.  His truth has delivered me from the dungeon of self-loathing and evil commentary concerning the choices I made, sins I committed, and mistakes hounding me from youth.  His truth has untangled the knot of anxiety that restricted my breath.  Jesus Christ introduced me to a wellspring of love for Abba I never dared hope existed.

If I met the old me today, I'd see and understand the downcast, rejected girl I was, and I'd encourage this girl to lift her head and talk to me.  I'd approach her with tenderness and kindness, and I'd be careful about the words I used.  The old girl did not like to make eye contact; the old girl did not like to smile; the old girl felt so terribly rejected and abandoned she could barely form a sentence without second-guessing herself based on what she thought others might think.

There are still so many "old Sharons" walking around today; people to whom I can definitely relate; those my arms are willing and waiting to embrace because I've experienced similar pain.  To an "old Sharon" today, I want to demonstrate the unconditional love and overwhelming patience in which the Lord has bathed me.  I want to give what I got, for its fruit has been transforming me radically into the image of Christ ever since.  Change in thinking, change in believing, change in seeing and comprehending; change in loving and learning to forgive... life-saving change directly from the literal "body" of Christ, and from His earthly body - the true church.

Myriad hearts over the years have been willing to love me through the anguish of seeing the "uglies" within me.  God "assigned" them to my cause and filled them with His unconditional love and favor on my behalf, so that I had backing in prayer and encouragement along the way to realizing my true worth in Abba's plan and in His arms.  I was created to be His daughter, His sweetheart and Beloved, His Obedient One, His little girl and - by Christ's grace and Holy Spirit's power - I am all of those things.

The "new" me is free where the old me wasn't, the new me is tender where the old me was hardened, the new me is courageous and confident, where the old me was fearful and dejected.  The old me couldn't even lift her head to Heaven, but the new me is the ripened, delectable fruit of the Father's tenderness and mercy - given and received, bestowed upon and realized.  Hallelujah!

The Lord God Almighty is the Lifter of my head, and clinging to Him by His power - no matter what it costs me - has made ALL the difference.
"But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain..." (1 Cor. 15:10a)

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)