Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pity Their Unbelief

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, all those who are in Christ are spirit beings.  While every human has a soul, through faith in Jesus Christ believers have received the destined awakening of their "spirit-man" and move throughout the realms of light and darkness under the protection, power, and leading of Almighty God.

While the flesh wants to either alter the "concept" of God or ignore Him altogether, spirits of Christians as well as the souls of humankind ALL know full well He exists and cannot be truthfully denied. Every breath we take is full of His mercy and presence; every spark of our brainwaves declares His Sovereignty and excellent work.

That's why there's a battle.

Smh at "unbelief"

Think of how ludicrous it is for atheists and unbelievers to put up such a fight against someone they truly believe isn't there! They strike at the air and vigorously enlist others to do so, contradicting with every blow their foolish declaration that there is no God.  Why lash out at "nothing" if you honestly, utterly, and sincerely believe "nothing" is there?  Moreover, if it truly is nothing, in the end, why should it matter if others believe it's "something"?  That's their issue, right? And even if they try to make it your issue - it's nothing, remember? So, shouldn't "nothing" be completely harmless and ineffective? Then why the infernal fuss about God? Why?

BECAUSE GOD IS REAL.  HE LIVES, and the enemy knows He lives. HE IS ALL-POWERFUL, and the enemy knows that, too.  Most important, ALL AUTHORITY in Heaven and Earth (and below the earth) has been given to JESUS THE CHRIST and none other; ALL JUDGEMENT has also been committed unto Him.  The enemy especially knows and fears this, but he doesn't want others to know and - at all costs - he doesn't want us "authority-wielding" Christians to realize how thoroughly we can mow him down in Jesus' Name!  Hallelujah!

Since God is a constant reality, and He is Sovereignly aware of our thoughts, emotions, movements, and choices there is no "getting around Him" short of blatant denial.  (Think about it:  Someone who doesn't exist need not be denied!)  Those who make that effort are shrieking volumes about the paltry condition of their hearts.

Merciful God

Let's apply this discernment to prayer for God's mercy to descend on the pain-filled, self-contradicting masses denying His existence.  After all, at one time we were numbered with the aching unsaved, but God and His mercy caused the piercing light of His Truth to bring life to our deadened existence.  Walking carcasses no more are we! But we are children of the Living God and walk in the light of His love because somebody cared enough to intercede for us, so the work that was done on the bloody cross of Christ could take hold of our lives for our eternal good.  Hiyah!

What if it still were you, beloved?  Wouldn't you want there to be enough unconditional love and hope within believers to extend to you a prayer of such rescue?  I would.

Let's face it... folks who skirt the issue of God's existence are full of fear.  They need prayer.  They need mercy.  THEY NEED JESUS.  But they are only going to get Him through God's power in those of us who believe.  God's compassion and persevering love of unbelievers at work within us is the greatest weaponry against the enemy.  Only the humble, merciful undertaking of prayer on their behalf will penetrate their souls with the saving knowledge of Jesus.  The ultimate choice of accepting or rejecting Him is theirs - but let's resolve today to pray them through to the point of decision.

As you are praying for their acceptance of the reality of good and evil, and of God's existence, and of Christ's loving sacrifice, think to yourself - where would I be if someone hadn't  prayed for me?


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)