Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thoughts About Righteousness

Just because a path is well beaten doesn't make it the right one.

I've been thinking about that truism lately, and going over things in my mind and emotions like how well I've always gotten along with women (much more so than men), or even how much "easier" establishing relationships with men would be if I just agreed to fornicate.  The enemy would like nothing better than for my life in Christ to "give way" to the ways of the world and the lifestyles/activities that "seem normal" just because they're so prevalent.

No way, baby... not this girl.  By the grace of Almighty God our Heavenly Father, I am and always will be Daddy's girl, and satan's flunkies, trickeries, and lies have reached me too late.

Have I ever been tempted to return to homosexual life? Absolutely.  Have I ever been tempted to "go get myself a man" using "easy sex" as the lure (some will sleep with you if your body's warm) instead of living chastely before God? Yep.  I'm in no ivory tower, folks; but Daddy has promised to save me from the world, the flesh, the devil AND from my fleshly predilections for sin if I but ask Him.  Crying out for God's help works, y'all!  Holy Spirit will always help you run away from sin, and He'll hold open the door to Abba's "way of escape" if you simply allow it.

Many have been the times yucky memories and sinful thoughts have battered down my doors and taken me (temporarily) captive to sin.  Yes, it's true that I've given in to anger, lust, and debauchery in life.  Daddy is still working on anger issues within me regarding childhood molestation; His love comforts me still regarding the painful avenues of betrayal from friends and family along life's way.  With the aid of warfare prayers I turn my back on darts, attacks, assaults, and assignments demons undertake to deter me and those I love from God's anointed course, and I praise Daddy for His "keeping" power.
"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." (Proverbs 14:34)
I've been thinking about that scriptural truth also.  Life isn't about beauty or fashion or race or creed; it's not about political office or money or social status.  It's about righteousness by God's definitions.  Period.  That's all it will ever truly be about, my friends.  So, it's up to me and you to sit down with Holy Spirit to talk about it.  The day I stop confessing sin or praising God for delivering me safely from it is the day I lose sight of His righteousness.

Constant communication with God is the impregnable key, because I don't maintain myself in righteousness or right-standing with Abba ... HE does!  He's the Chief Cornerstone controlling all the balance of my temple; all the plans, orchestrations, blessings, rescue missions, and maintenance operations of my heart, mind, will, and emotions are clutched safely in His hands.  That's the only way to live; set apart from the deadly machinations of this world and the enemy's divisive manipulations of it.  What seems normal to the world is sin and bondage in the eyes of God, dear ones.  Throughout life, I've had to realize that repeatedly.  It just isn't worth it to go chasing after folly and futility, beloved.

Keep your eyes on Jesus.  Yield to His tender instruction, constant affirmations, and keen discernment of your life's circumstances.  Steal away to His Peace.  If you open the door of your life to Him, He has promised to come in and put His power to delivering you from sin.  Trust Him, and turn away from the maddening crowds rushing over the land like the swells of a filthy tsunami.  Ask Holy Spirit to hold open your way of escape from sin, then flee from it with all your heart! You'll be so glad you did, and Daddy's rewards will follow you and maintain your coffers in humility, strength, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

Life isn't meant to be about constantly dodging sin, but about basking in the joy and greatness of Abba and the glory of His Holy Name resting, ruling, and abiding with you always. Amen. Righteousness will keep you in that state, beloved, but the choice to reach out for it, wear it as a garment, and turn your back on all of the world's ways... is yours.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord"
(Romans 12:11b)