Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Praise: Count 'em Up!

This blog has been a singular blessing to my life, y'all.  Unless the Lord calls for its end (and I don't see why He would), Daddy's Girl will be around for many months and years to come.  Amen.

Since next week welcomes the holiday season, no new posts will appear here.  I pray all of you have a lovely Thanksgiving Day with family and friends;  God willing, I'm also looking forward to some great company and cooking.  =0)

To conclude the series this week, I thank my Abba for...
  • my intimate relationship with the Godhead.
  • continued life, health, and strength.
  • my best friend and twin sister, Lynette.
  • a year now of new beginnings, blessings, and territory.
  • my Google+, Twitter, and Word Press friends.
  • the thousands of lives touched by Glory Shield Ministries and the Daddy's Girl blog.
  • the magnificent lessons He's taught me about how to relate my testimony and message to Christ's Body.  So many times I didn't really know what I would say about what He'd placed on my heart, and Holy Spirit gently calmed and encouraged me by saying, "just tell your story."  It's what I've done joyously for the past two years, and God has filled my heart and mind with the words to bless, magnify, extol, and glorify His Holy Name and tender heart every time.  All any of us have to do is ask Him for the wisdom to write what we should and not write what we shouldn't; He does the rest, and the eloquence is His.
  • personal, "offline" pastoring and God's mega-affirmations and instructions in that area.  (Only God could make a pastor out of me, y'all!  His will be done!)
  • deliverance... always ongoing, deepening, and purifying.  Of late He has addressed the pain of childhood molestation issues I had never truly let Him touch until now. It was a giant "ugly" I pushed way down in my emotions, but God never lost sight of it.  His timing for the liberation of every area yielded to His tender, loving hands is perfect.  When we are willing, Abba can do more in a week to free us from festering bondage than can be accomplished in years of applying the world's "therapeutic" techniques. Who is like Him?
In Jesus' Name, I cover all my words and testimony of blessings/thanksgiving with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh, and I forbid the enemy or his operatives any access to any of it at all.  Again, in Christ's Name, Amen.

For what are you most thankful, beloved?  There are so many blessings seen and unseen, known and unknown that the Godhead have granted us, it's challenging to know where to start.  But Holy Spirit will help you PRAISE HIM and THANK HIM and give Him the honor, glory, and heartfelt adulation from the very depths of your soul and spirit He so richly deserves... just ask Him!  Hallelujah! =0)

Be blessed, everyone, with a warm, safe, satisfying holiday in Jesus' Magnificent Name...

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)