Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Onward in Christ, 2015

2014 has been another marvelous year and, by God's power, I'm pressing onward.

The Daddy's Girl blog has done exceptionally well in extolling the tender heart of God and feeding all of us with His extravagant love and truth.  This has been a year of God showing me what a miraculous training ground it's been to express His goodness around the world in writing for the past two years.  Now the Lord is moving me gently, but steadily, into offline ministry as well.

Writing has been a true joy of my life since girlhood, and that joy is only increasing.  The Glory Shield Ministries website and its outreaches will continue lending tender guidelines in knowledge, faith, and encouragements to the nations for as long as the Father allows.

I'm endeared to online and offline friends as God ushers me into the ever-changing ground of pastoring and all its benefits.  It is a challenging, enriching, fulfilling call, and the Lord's constant affirmations, goodness, and care are a priceless life-line to me.  The deeper I go, the safer I feel and the more His plan surrounds me.  I see my life from His vantage point, and I'm amazed at it all.  There is no point at which the Lord is not in complete control, y'all... and it's always been that way.  I'm staggeringly blessed and abundantly gratified that, indeed, Christ meets every need.

My love and prayers and heart go out to all of you as we enter the Gregorian calendar year of 2015.  Five is God's number for redemption, and many redemptive avenues taken in recent years will now reach their Divinely-appointed destinations in blessing right before our eyes.

Hallelujah!  Be encouraged.  =0)

Friends, with all of my heart, I wish Christ's love and continued blessings to you, and a very  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)