Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Come Up Higher

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Holy Spirit's our Helper; if you want to "go higher" in the Lord, ask for His help.  He will cause Abba's will to be revealed to you so that you can meet Him on the plain He intends.  Remember that going higher in Christ requires greater obedience and greater sacrifice; more focus on the things of Daddy's Spirit and Kingdom, and much less on the world at hand.

Reach up and out to the Father of us all through His Spirit dwelling in you; He knows what level you're on and how to bring you up higher.  Do you want to go?  It's on my heart today to ask this, because our transformation requires our willingness to be transitioned from status quo to something new by God's definition.  Otherwise, we will go to our "familiar" places waiting for God to fellowship with us, but God won't be there.  Friend, He'll be standing on a level above you with hands outstretched, beckoning you to come higher; and you must not be afraid.  My prayers are with you. Don't be afraid to trust Him, beloved; trust Him, take His hand, and come up higher, in Jesus' Name!

Let's praise Him in prayer...

[Oh, my Father, You are the most important Person, place, and thing to us!  You are our passion and our fascination.  True ecstasy lies not only in being constantly amazed by You but in being more intimately acquainted with You, day by day. That's what we want, for You are our life's infilling and overflowing; You are the everlasting and Eternal God.  Through faith in Your Son Jesus the Christ, we call upon Holy Spirit to put our hand in Yours and take us higher!  In Christ's sweet and precious Name we pray, praise, and thank You.  Amen.]

Taking His hand always,

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)