Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Deepest Love IS within Your Grasp

photo credit: mgstanton via photopin cc
"As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God." (Psalms 42:1)

In tears, I used to tell Daddy that - although I had so much love to give - I despaired because I had no "man" in my life with whom to share it.  I used to ask Him how I could ever express and share the tidal waves of compassion, understanding, love, and passion within me if I had no husband.

Now His answer to me seems obvious but - believe me - it didn't back then.

In exasperation I would ask Him, what do I do with all of this love I have to give?  Then one day in prayer, when my heart and soul were quieted enough to hear Him, Jesus tenderly answered...

"Give it to Me.  Give Me all the love that you hold... I know what to do with it, beloved.  I will answer it, and return it, and grow your spirit through it like no one else can.  I Am your First, True Husband... so GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR LOVE, My love.  You were created to love Me."

Friends, that registered with me so heartily and truly... every fiber of my being knew it was so. Right then I knew Jesus the Christ was (and is) the only answer for even that seemingly unsolvable dilemma; I'd never understood that before.  I mean, I knew He'd wiped away my sins and freed me from their shame... I knew He died for my reconciliation to Abba, and I knew Him as God's holy and righteous Son.  But never for a moment did I think He could really, truly be my Divine Husband!  Not in ways so specifically intimate and crucial to my emotional well-being; not in answer to my heart's cry for deep love and affection and desire to lavish those things upon Him repeatedly in fathomless adulation and embrace.

But He IS, and the sacred love birthed only from His powerful womb upon His children IS within my grasp... and your grasp.

In time alone with Christ I behold His Righteousness, Wisdom, and Favor; I adore Him with all of my might.  I lay on His Breast and pour out my heart to Him in tears - all good - lavishing upon Him every ounce of passion flooding my heart in multiplied expressions of love and desire unleashed in exchange for total transformation to His image by Abba's power, no matter the cost.

Then my jubilation explodes upon Jesus like buckets of brightly-colored paint meeting pure white canvas. Holy Spirit anoints me with silky, fragrant oils... and I bathe the Lord in the searing light of worship reflected from pools of His own Living Water bubbling within me!  HALLELUJAH!!!

For me, the best part about it is... that is how it is meant to be!

Dearly beloved, give Christ Jesus ALL of the LOVE in your heart in EVERY area.  He IS your Divine Husband, and He will receive your "panting" heart for Him and the things of His Spirit like a young groom enthusiastically envelopes his bride.  Jesus will fill to overflowing the cups, bowls, pitchers, buckets, barrels, and vats of your life with all of Himself upon the asking...  Yippee!  =0)

He is the everlasting nourishment for every hungry heart, and there is no one more deserving or appreciative of our love out-poured.  Indeed, first and foremost, we were created to love Him.



"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)