Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The New Year at "His Table"

The year released before me rises in brightness like a clean, white, linen tablecloth spread fresh to hold the banquet of God's favorable future for me. The refreshing thing about it is that although I don't know every nuance and detail of what will be set before me, in Jesus, I know that all of it will be good and nourishing; the strength factor for me exceeds 100 out of 100 in His will, purpose, plan, and desire.
And so I welcome His table, stretching long and far in front, inviting scads of ancestral nurturers and descendants also refreshed by the insatiable goodness slaloming sweetly from person to person, like spun caramel.
I've taken my seat at this table and - by and by - as the year comes upon me, I expect only to know the goodness of my Father in His unyielding love, delights, and bountiful pleasures.  For His intentions are all good for me, and His favor stilts my circumstance in vision, support, guidance, and caretaking. Indeed, I learn to dance balanced on His mighty feet.
Pressed gently to His table and presented with the gracious menu of His good and prosperous desires, my mouth waters with praise softly parting my lips. I am kissed by aromas widening my eyes and exciting my palate's expectancy of growth spawned by the flavors of God's extravagant love.  All about is promise and proclamation of good pleasure in renewal sealed by God's oath for all before whom Christ's feast is set.
I look back toward the old year but cannot find it; my praise ascends to the riches of His goodness, looking only forward to the powerful bounty prepared lovingly for me.
Swirls of righteousness in fresh linen fill my nostrils with hope, joy, and understanding, for our God is faithful.  I cannot help but smile leaning forward to view the vast expanse of preparation as I see Him standing there, at the head, breathing life upon all things and welcoming those called to partake of His plentiful mercy in the exceeding, abundant, joy and provision to come... for He is the beginning and the end... the everlasting and eternal... God.
Happy New Year,
"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)