Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tried and True

It's important to remember that when we ask Abba to affect change in our lives, and He does it, we will then be tried in that same place to build testimony and to increase our trust in Him.

I once heard Joyce Meyer give an excellent analogy in this regard, saying that the road worthiness of a repaired or replaced bicycle tire can only be proven once it is re-subjected to road conditions and "tried" under pressure.  Amen.  The owner must hop on and take it down the same roads upon which it blew out so that its new-found fitness can be demonstrated.

The same holds true concerning us with God.

Whenever the Father delivers me from temptation or bondage of a recurring sin, an issue of unforgiveness, or the myriad misconceptions of pride... invariably He will allow the same circumstance to come before my face later on to see how I handle it.  Often to my utter amazement and joy (even under the same circumstances)  those areas swept clean and filled by Daddy show forth no more malice, mischief, or malfunction but only the covering love of God.  When that happens and I, like David, seek diligently for the place of evil that used to exist but find it not, I look to Abba and, through the voice of His precious Holy Spirit, I hear Him say... "See what I've done?"  Then, like Vanna White He waves His tender hand gracefully over the cleansed area and says with a smile, "Am I not faithful?" Praise His Holy Name.

Probably my favorite portion of it all is that, once His change in me is proved worthy by trial, the same God Who fixed me rewards me for obediently responding to the work of His own hands! (Who wouldn't serve a God like that?)

My friends, tell me, who is like unto our God? His gentle, powerful lessons learned and applied to life will take us most assuredly from earth to Heaven.  But never is a change or repair made by Him that isn't also tried within us to show forth its strength and the reliability of His healing hands. So, beloved, be at peace in that knowledge when the time of trying comes. Hallelujah!

God bless you.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)