Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our God HEARS and Answers Prayer

Whenever I pray specific prayers and then see their answers come to fruit, Holy Spirit focuses me on the truth that Abba hears me personally and specifically when I pray.  That sounds like a no-brainer, but what I mean is that God... Almighty God Who sits enthroned above every universe known (or unknown) to humanity looks right at me each time I offer prayers and bring petitions to Him. That level of intimacy blows me away.

I'm particularly recalling the night I sat at the end of my sofa beside a huge window in my living room and I talked to the Lord like I always do - as He graciously taught me - just as if He was sitting beside me in bodily form... as I would to a trusted friend.  That night I beseeched Him earnestly regarding the two serious relationships I've had with men; one marriage that failed and one near-marriage that also failed.  The two men were a lot alike.  I've realized that wherever I have gained God's authority due to deliverance and healing, God puts me in a place to minister that healing to a man. In other words, I always get a man who suffers with the same structures and protections from which God has delivered me.

For example, I'm tenacious against pride because once I was the poster-girl of it. There are still areas of pride Daddy exposes in me, for I am far from perfect, my friends. Also, I can detect gross fear in men because God has delivered me from being afraid of my own shadow - that's also an ongoing work within me.

In the past two relationships, I had great difficulty at times just getting along with each man. The marriage was especially hard - I needed deliverance from wounds incurred during it.  The second relationship had much fewer trials, but it ended tragically for me, and I again needed God's healing touch.

So, on the couch that night, I beseeched the Lord to please give me a man I could at least get along with while the various protections and structures are being exposed in us both. (Make no mistake, beloved, there are two sides to every relationship, and God is doing a "dual" work within every union.)

That's exactly what He did.

The marriage I now have has its pressure points and areas of protections and structures, BUT...

The love that my husband has for God and his extremely deep desire to know God's heart more closely and vividly has melted my fears and crushed all prideful inclinations within me.  This man wants two things in life, in this order:  The Godhead, and me.  For him, the rest is gravy; for him, learning more about God with me is all there is.  For me, that's a marvelous example in leadership and unconditional love. (I cover every word of this testimony with Christ's Blood.)

What's going on between us has brought me back to that night I sat praying alone.  It's caused me to realize more starkly than ever that, as I sat praying that night, Abba was looking right at me.  He heard every single word I said and understood the agony salted with my tears.  He determined (assuredly even before then) to answer me according to the earnest desire of my heart, and He blessed me with the marriage my soul has been seeking.  Amid everything, Daddy's plans to affect deliverance and healing within us both are being realized day by day.

Beloved, I unashamedly bless the Name of the Lord, for HE ALONE is the God Who specifically hears and answers prayer.



"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)