Wednesday, May 13, 2015

We Must Learn to "Receive"

How many people are robbed by their own pride?  Folks like a single mom who can't afford to buy her young son a bicycle yet won't accept the gift of a bike from a generous neighbor.  Her reason?  "We don't take charity."

That's such a pity.

Yes, I know there are often other arrangements made to obtain such things; for example, the youngster might work the cost of the bike off in trade... that should be acceptable, right?  After all, it would allow the mother to "keep her pride", right?

Again, a huge pity.  For, worked out that way, the proud mother likely will never truly learn how to receive.  Subsequently as tragic is the likelihood that Junior - following mom's example - will also struggle with the concept.

Thankfully, God doesn't work that way.  In truth, if the human race had to "work off the price" of salvation, we'd all still be just as lost and hell-bound as we were before Christ's immeasurable, freeing sacrifice!

We didn't have to make an effort of equal value in order to receive salvation mainly because there is no "effort" we humans could possibly make to even come close to satisfying what God required.  Only Christ Jesus could pay the spotless, blameless, sinless price as Abba's sacrificial Lamb.

But, most important, I believe Abba orchestrated the salvation plan exactly to require mankind to shun pride and learn to "receive".  That's all it takes to step from darkness into light, isn't it?  God did all the work He had to do... all the work He could do; but the last part of the plan inextricably requires the humble agreement and cooperation of mankind, or else the power of redemption stands shining alone with Abba Father desperately waving the torch of humanity's only escape from Hell... to an empty stadium.

Beloved, salvation cannot be ours unless we receive it.  Neither can any other of God's mind-blowing plans for the fulfillment of our Destiny in Him. That's the simple, ineludible truth.

If you're heavy into giving and you honestly and absolutely love to give, think about what JOY would be robbed from your heart's storehouses if all those you desire to bless pridefully refused to receive? Like the silly parent who won't "take charity", their stiff-necked inclinations would leave you standing there, helpless and disheartened, unable to bless them in the manner you crave.  Talk about needless exasperation!  And all because a haughty principle is put in place ostensibly to "save face" of those in need and to "keep their dignity".

What a smelly crock...  for dignity is never born of pride.  Neither is bravery or freedom; for it is the Lord our God Who Authors of all of these virtues, and our God "resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble." Therefore, only the earnest knee bowed and the humble hand outstretched to Daddy receives His unspeakable gift and stands reconciled and justified before Him.  Only the child-like servant walks into God's personalized Promised Land with his/her feet meekly placed on Daddy's feet.


Are you willing to turn your back on pride and humbly allow God to teach you how to receive?  My friends, I certainly pray so.  And for so great a thing the Godhead stands lovingly and eagerly waiting.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)