Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Remember... and Be Reconciled

"I saw Him... in the hills, in the trees, in the miracle of the birth of lambs. I felt His mercy when the wolves had fled and my flock was safe, when spring broke the grip of snow and ice, when the cool wind blew after the heat of the day. I saw His splendor in the flowers blazing on the hillsides and the stars burning in the sky, and knew His hand... in everything."

(Excerpt from the 20th Century Fox 1951 film, "David and Bathsheba")

I love those lines. I identify with them.

As Daddy's Girl readers know, I'm an old movie buff... this awesome film has been part of my collection for years.  Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward were fine film actors, and the realness of their portrayal of one of history's most torrid couplings always touches my heart.

Their early romance shows what lust, greed, jealousy, and lying can do to people. King David basically had it all, and God would have given him even more; but he coveted most what was not his - Uriah's wife. Jealousy is the spirit of murder, and David was jealous of Uriah; we know the rest of what happened and how. But that's not the focus of my love for this epic portrayal of our patriarch - his repentance is.

"Return to Me..."

David allowed God's Spirit to refocus him and return him to his first (and only true) love. In the scene from which the lines above are taken, he's talking to Bathsheba about how he adored the Lord in his youth before lust and covetousness took hold of him and led him astray.

If we're honest, we will all admit we know what it is like to let worldly life and fleshly desires creep in; we know what it is to have our focus blurred and be in desperate need of repentance and refocus in God.  We'll also admit that - once we've returned to God's senses - Abba's arms of forgiveness, strengthening, and refocus are wrapped lovingly around us.

That same God is waiting for anyone reading this who has lost sight of Him as their first love. You know what it is to love the Lord with all of your being, and you want to be restored to that place of fervor with all that's in you.  To you, I say, He is waiting.

Take time to remember the sweetness of relationship with Him, and how His mercy has shown down upon you time after time (whether you deserved it or not) in sparing you from the sting of death and keeping you safe from harm.  Recall His tender surprises in kindness, encouragement, and strength from people you didn't know, when you least expected it; for HE IS THE INITIATOR of everything good and perfect in your life. He restored me (repeatedly), and He will restore you and every willing heart. Amen.

Take time to remember, beloved... remember... and repent. Remember, and bless His Holy Name.  Remember, and return unto the God of your "youth" - the God you loved, for Whom you would have died.  He's still there, waiting and willing to be reconciled. Amen.

I bless you in the Name of the Lord.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Unending Rewind: A Poem of Seasons

"While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."  Genesis 8:22

That's one of my favorite verses of scripture; it breathes God's command upon the earth.  I love His execution of power and strength.  He doesn't need to prove Himself to us - He wants to, and that's one of the finest things about Him, IMO.

I know I haven't posted on this blog since the summer and, off and on since then, I've been contemplating and actually preparing yet another eBook for your reading edification. So, since I've been away straight through the change of seasons (and soon it will be winter), I've penned a poem from the fathomless Resource of Holy Spirit to share with you today, and I pray you'll forgive me for being away so long.

Poetic verse blesses my soul, and I'm always enlightened and brightened by the process of linking nouns and verbs and telling my story in dancing, musical ways. I've titled this work, "Unending Rewind", inspired by the Lord through that Genesis verse.

Please know that I haven't forgotten all you wonderful, faithful Daddy's Girl readers... Lord willing, I'll return to regular posting before too long.  Until then, God bless you, (happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas) and please enjoy the poem!

Copyright 11-2-16, SJ Palmer

The Lord breathes on trees, removing the green
and filling in reds and the yellows.

He sends summer away, as if to say,
"That's enough of your heat now, dear fellow!"

Then cool Autumn descends and with her attends
God's hand of sleep, easing the sap.

Vast fields of green towers soon lower their flowers
and nestle into the Lord's lap.

The harsh winds of winter will yield to spring's splendor
and summer's haze not far behind.

Then sleep comes again, and God's breath ushers in
Creation's unending rewind.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b) 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Freedom is the place for me

Oppression reigns in any realm outside of God. When we break loose from the Lord or merely step to one side of Him (out of alignment with His Lordship and reign over us) we enter territory alien to and undesignated for our survival and well being.

That's not a place for me.

God wants us to romp and play and enjoy His Being and ourselves all within the realm of freedom He's designed especially for us.  The Kingdom of God is Righteousness, Peace, and JOY in Holy Spirit.  Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth; Jesus the Christ is Truth. You see what I'm saying.

That's the realm for me.

To me, turning away from God's Spirit is like stepping outside an oxygen-rich atmosphere and inhaling a clump of cyanide gas. I'm not sure how many breaths I'd even be able to take before certain collapse and death ensued... probably before I hit the ground. Why flirt with death when fun and freedom are so readily available from the One Who tailored them just for me?

God and His great mercy rescued me from a dark time of inhaling only poison and destruction to my soul. I certainly would have gone to hell had His loving Hand of liberty not cast its shadow over me. He spoke into the dark cloud of my life and brought restoration and order, and I will never step away from Him again - not even for an instant - no matter what (or who) it costs me. What on earth for?  As the saying goes, "I know on what side my bread is buttered..."

So true, and my daily living genuinely reflects it.

With Daddy I am free to learn about who He fashioned me to be; that atmosphere exists nowhere else, and I am wholly fascinated by it. I'm so grateful for the constant healing He brings to my soul and for the freedom He continually breathes upon me.  What He does for one, He'll do for all.  Why let any other atmosphere in, ever?

Abba's freedom is the place for me.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Awesome Jealousy

The past several days I've been thinking on how marvelous it is that God is jealous over us. On the whole, I believe humanity considers jealousy a negative thing, when it really isn't. Its origins are Godly, born of love - only when soiled with perversion is jealousy negative.

I believe what I love most about it is that God is jealous because He wants to give, while the sullied emotion wants to take.  One motive embraces altruism and the other greed; one is born of love, the other lust.

Daddy knows what He created me for and couched in those pure intentions is also the loving Wisdom that says, "I Am the only One Who can give you what you've been fashioned for; I created you to eat from My Hand continually... to receive the very best from The Very Best, for your certain good. No one else possesses that power over your Destiny, nor could any substitute ever love you more than I."

Those are righteous thoughts, beloved.  They are God's thoughts toward us, and He makes no bones about the jealousy He feels amidst His passion. Indeed, the scriptures say we have been betrothed to one Husband that [Holy Spirit] might present us as a pure bride to Christ. That's serious stuff, and Jesus takes it seriously.  The Godhead is fiercely jealous over our allegiances, because They love us fiercely and are consumed with burning zeal for the fulfillment of our Destiny in Yahweh Who personally plans and patterns each one.

When jealousy is born of God, it is a truly awesome and beautiful thing. It should never be mishandled or provoked, but appreciated and reverenced as coming from the One True Husband and Lover of our souls. He is the only One Who can birth the "certain good" ordained for our lives by His own Hand. Amen.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Only Real Relief

It's important to understand that there's no real relief or release apart from God.  Whenever I'm jumbled up in my emotions, heart, or body - God is the only real cure.

By now, Daddy's Girl readers know that I also enjoy painting; God has given me a gift regarding it and, while I'm no pro, I no longer meander sorrowfully in the valley of stick figures and horses that look like cows (that's where I was before His impartation). I've discovered that painting facilitates emotional release and gives me JOY; that got me thinking...

Whenever we indulge in things that please God, we receive the fruit of His pleasure. It's His Spirit Who gives us the desire to partake so we'll be bathed in the benefits pumped from the well of God's beneficent blessings. Hallelujah!

But... when it comes to the true and utter relief of my soul from its problems and burdens, spending time with God - undistracted by painting, writing, reading, or even prayer for others - is the only remedy.  Looking into His eyes and telling Him how much I love Him and ache for His eternal world to come soothes and lightens my soul like nothing else.  Sure, God already knows how I feel about Him, but that's not the point - it's loving exchange that He wants... it's my company... it's fellowship.  God wants to hang out with me like two buddies would, speaking in tones only mutually audible, that carry sensitive, private topics. 

Daddy wants to breathe on me and embrace me; for every time He breathes, He creates, and every time He embraces, He heals.  That's the only place for me, for in it I'm freed of toil and truly restored in ways beyond anything painting or writing can accomplish. When we "gush" on God, He gushes right back on us... and HIS gushing does far more than ours! He IS Love and, in Him, is refreshing, healing, blessing, renewal, repentance, forgiveness, strength, energy, JOY, imagination, creativity, clarity, comfort, courage...  everything we need to pick up and start again. I love the Lord!

Seek Him alone for true relief.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Truth of the Matter

I just heard an interior designer say, "Light is very, very important," and it got me thinking of all the times I've heard desperately enamored declarations of the value of light from artists, architects, photographers, and designers. I heard an artist say, "I need my natural light." I've heard actors portraying architects say, "Light... always the light!" and, my goodness, even in my fledgling brush strokes I've realized time and again how critical light is to any artistic expression in creating shade and contour.  Without light, there is nothing.

Y'all see where I'm going with this, don't ya? Yessiree and HALLELUJAH! From the mouth of intelligent beings - saved and unsaved - His praises ring...

GOD IS LIGHT!  What all artists, photographers, designers, and architects ardently desire and adore for the formation and completion of their precious work... is GOD! Yahweh! Jehovah! Abba! Elohim! Jesus!

The truth of the matter is ALL those blessed, creative people are saying, "God is very, very important"; "I need my God"; and "God... always God!"

Ha! I love it!

The whole of mankind was absolutely MADE for fellowship with Almighty God, and it's HIM we crave in all of our creative resource and substance! No matter what we do, no matter what we say, it all comes back to the truth of the matter: Without God, we're nothing. 


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

No Such Thing as the "Unlovable"

I love it when Abba reveals further truth to my soul and causes me to receive its application to my life.  He is truly merciful and gracious.

After praise yesterday, the Lord told me, "There's no such thing as the 'unlovable'." I was taken aback by that statement and continued to be until Daddy reminded me of something.

Years ago, I struggled greatly in the first go-round with marriage, and I wanted Abba to listen to all my complaints against my (now ex) husband.  But - albeit very lovingly - the Lord told me He was not interested in anything I had to say about my spouse.  I tried to act as though I wasn't absolutely appalled by that statement, but that doesn't work with Abba; He knew I was confused and insulted.  Silly me.

As always, God didn't leave me at the mercy of "my own understanding" regarding His words; He never does that.  Rather, back then He explained to me that my wedding vows weren't made to my new spouse - they were made to God regarding my new spouse. I was floored by that; but absorbing that truth at that critical time changed my whole outlook on the marriage and my relationship with God.

Now - nearly 20 years later - the Lord has repeated that truth, only with the much broader application of people in general. There's no such thing as the 'unlovable'.  As always, He went on to say that loving someone by His definition is a matter between He and I alone. My obedience to God has nothing to do with the behavior of the person I'm called to love.  Then He added, "If you find someone to be 'unlovable', it's because your focus is in the wrong place."

Whoa... yet again, I was floored.  That's such a catch-phrase in Christianity today - love the unlovable - y'all know what I mean.  Well, what an unpleasant joke that's turned out to be, because it doesn't even exist in truth to Almighty God!

Beloved, when we love someone by God's definition, we agree to have His heart for them, not our own.  He does not require "fondness" from us regarding every person, rather respect for them being His creation, and regard for the truth that HE loves them and is their only Eternal Judge.  Our God-defined love for people has nothing to do with their performance; rather, it remains in the capable Hands of He Who Judges Wisely and has all power.

Just as His love for us has never been based on our actions, attitudes, or moods we are to be of the same mind toward others; if we're not, and if we struggle in showing unconditional love to others because they are "difficult"... our focus is in the wrong place.

Thankfully, Abba also said He does allow boundaries to be placed by His Spirit in our relationships with hurt, wounded, rejected, unlawful, sad people He's asked us to reach in His Name.  Their attitudes constantly reflect negative encounters, pain, and bad choices made by them and others, and the flesh in them automatically lashes out at God's Spirit in us.  It's then that Daddy orchestrates time spent and words said so that our hearts can remain aligned with His to reveal/share truth, intercede, expose sin, and remove all excuse from their mouths.

Looking at loving others as a matter of obedience strictly between me and God has again changed my outlook on life.  I'm sure I'm not alone in my heartfelt desire to do always those things that please God, and the crucial matter of showing love by His definition ranks highest among them.

God bless you.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Go Deep

"Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls;
All Your waves and billows have gone over me.
 The Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime,
And in the night His song shall be with me -
A prayer to the God of my life." (Psalms 42:7-8)

Beloved, don't allow people to pull you to the surface when you've resolved to focus on the deep things of God. Don't incorporate shallow things into your lifestyle for the sake of pleasing others when you've decided to "go deep".

In this Psalm, the Bible says, "Deep calls unto deep..." - that's the Lord calling to the grounded places within you; the places where He resides. When you're in trouble, when you're not in trouble; when you feel bad, when you feel good... don't surface; if possible, don't ever surface. Go deep.

Don't breathe the world's air any longer, my friends. Since God is calling, resolve to answer His call; for He is calling to Himself  within you. Turn your back on surficial things, beloved; close your eyes and float out into Abba's arms. Don't listen to the world, but fill your ears with the voice of Christ Jesus.  Answer the Father's call; go deep.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Friday, March 25, 2016

Appreciate the "Fridays" of Life

"It may seem like Friday night... but Sunday's on the way!" Those are the words of a very creative and powerful song from one of my favorite Christian artists - Carman.

If it had not been for Good Friday, Resurrection Day could not have come.  Think about that the next time you come to a trial in your personal life. Like Andrae Crouch wrote and sang, "If I never had a problem, I wouldn't know God could solve them; I wouldn't know the things my God can do."  That's so true.

Being thankful for the trials of life is at times a challenging endeavor, but Holy Spirit will teach us how to successfully deal with this.  If we yield our substance to Him, (giving Him everything we have) He will enable us to allow Daddy to show us what a great purpose trials can serve when they are given into His hands.  Trials and tribulations make you pray, beloved; don't they?  Troubles put you on your knees; so do troublesome people and our knee-jerk responses to them.  We learn more about ourselves than anyone else through dealing with the "Fridays" of life.

It gratifies me to know that Jesus the Christ successfully dealt with Friday first; He dealt with everything of tribulation, rejection, temptation, misery, abuse, wounds, and affliction... f i r s t.  He was there LONG before we got there; the world and the things of the world hated Him first. What a comfort and an excuse breaker.  We learn that Jesus the Christ got through everything by God's eternal power so that we would know the way to the same truth and victory. He's our Example. If He could do it by Abba's power, so can we.
"Beloved, count it all joy when you come into various trials, knowing that the trying of your faith works patience." -- James 1:2-3

Don't be afraid to let Abba cause you to appreciate the Fridays of life; they're the greatest catalysts and facilitators of growth, maturity, and promotion in Jesus. Clinging to Daddy through trials deeply pleases Him. He'll walk you through them, He'll dry your tears, teach you His ways, bring you intense JOY, and press you to His heart. Believe me, you'll be better for the journey; you will.

God bless you.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

This debt you can repay in your sleep

Financially speaking, I am debt free and have been for many years. All Glory and Praise goes to Abba for that as always; I bless His Holy Name.

However, for about the last six years my shoulders have bowed under the weight of a debt more costly than that of dollars and cents; namely, sleep debt.
When I stopped working outside the home and got a job doing online transcription, sleep deprivation entered my life in a new way.  Those of you who've tackled serious work in transcription - especially online - know that the number of hours required to produce quality transcripts can establish and raise sleep debt to anguishing levels. Over the three years I worked online, I completed dozens of transcripts for two overseas companies; so, the proper setting of my body's inner clock (called the Circadian clock) was drastically altered.

Though the work was extremely wearing - harshly drawing on my mind and body - I enjoyed it.  I've always been a "night" person, so staying awake until dawn wasn't exactly a foreign concept; however, focusing at my desk night after night to complete ten, 20, sometimes 30-page transcripts was.

My friends, the spirit is forgiving, but the flesh is not.  Transcription work wore me down and (even though I would stagger to bed after uploading transcripts and sleep until 2 or 3 in the afternoon) weeks of enduring such demanding schedules built and secured my body's sleep debt in its own painful fortress. Daddy has caused me to realize that, since then, my body has suffered in sneaky ways.

For instance, I thought little glitches in my memory were due to perhaps indirectly inhaling too much of the lacquer that covers my completed paintings. Uh, no... sleep deprivation is to blame.  I thought not showing patience with some of Jack's habits was legitimate "righteousness" on my part (what a joke!); uh... no, Sharon... truth is, you're irritable because you need more sleep. (Sorry, Jack!)

Thankfully, through Abba's undying mercy, I've been concentrating on obediently prying loose the claws of an approximately 44-hour sleep debt creature my body can no longer carry. Being over age 50 now also makes a difference. I've not only resumed a normal sleep schedule to regulate the Circadian clock, but I'm also making fast friends with the art of "napping" - two hours each day is the goal - because those are the true "payback" hours. The progress will be slow but sure as long as I remain obedient.  I'm just beginning, so I deeply solicit your prayers.

There are many debts in life that cannot be repaid before death but, due to Abba's mercy, this is one I can literally repay in my sleep!

Beloved, if you're sleep deprived, I urge you to ask God to show you how you can make up those hours and be restored to the amazing health, JOY, and happiness of simply being well rested.

God bless you.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Confession

"More Me"
 Copyright 2016, Sharon J. Palmer (ARR).
The painting above I did on my own. By that I mean, after learning a certain technique, I mixed the colors I saw in my mind and made a landscape more reflective of my personality.  Pink is symbolic of "holiness", and I am definitely set apart for God's Kingdom works as are a host of brothers and sisters in Jesus throughout the world. I like pink; I recall my mother looking at me as I wore a powder-pink sweater and saying, "Sharon, pink is your color, honey." That was one of the first times I'd ever actually looked closely at myself in pink; albeit not realizing the deeply prophetic value and foreshadowing it carried for me, I liked what I saw.

So, what's the "confession" mentioned in the title of this post?

It's that, upon close examination of this painting only hours after splashing it onto the canvas, I didn't like it.  I didn't like it so much, I was a bit ashamed of it.  One cloud looks like a croissant, another a Manatee... in my heart, I started denigrating it and decided that - although it's cute and it IS truly reflective of me... um... I just didn't like it.

So I gave it to Lynette and asked her to take it to work. Being the sweet, loyal friend (and "fan") of mine she is, when I showed it to her she declared she DID like it. What better recourse for my displeasure than to give the work to her and let her be reminded of it every day!

Am I fishing for compliments among you all regarding this painting? Believe it or not, the answer is a happy no, because just a couple days ago Lynette passed on a manifest encouragement to me; one absolutely sent by the Lord to my fledgling artist coffers.  A woman walked in to her office to speak to her, caught a glimpse of this painting and L-O-V-E-D it! She enthusiastically asked the artist's identity and expressed genuine admiration of it!  Wow!

The priceless moral is a lifetime truism: One woman's "floor" is another woman's "ceiling", folks... and let me never forget it!  My uncharacteristically pessimistic, critical eyes have been opened concerning what God has given me.  The truth is, you never know what will touch a person's heart, and God's expression within you - no matter how humbly basic - will be a solid blessing for someone. I've been reminded that His works and His words never return to Him void; they always generate good things. Hallelujah.

Merciful God, I repent of all dissatisfaction with the expression of my soul and myself in this painting. You gave the artistic impartation to me, and it is well with my soul. It is a good thing and, for it, I bless Your Holy Name. Amen. I love You.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Got Peace?

The Peace of God is with me, and I know it. The stabilizing force of His confidence will settle a house into sweet stillness; it’s a Rock that is with all those who choose to embrace it. His Presence is all the help in the world. 

Nothing to worry or fret or stress about; nothing to fear. (Fear is NOT a natural part of Christian life.) Think about it... whenever a strong heart is around, you don’t want them to leave; the settling, calming, stabilizing security of Holy Spirit dwells within them, and you know the Presence of God is there; you know everything is anchored in His safety and security; you feel good. I've known souls like that, and now I am one of them. How grateful I am to Almighty God for accomplishing it! It’s HIS mercy and power that causes me to dwell in safety day by day knowing that, by His supernatural Presence, all things in my life are held together.  Where would I be without that Peace?  Where would any of us be? O, how we need Him! And when Christ is with us - the very embodiment of Peace that “passes understanding” - the world can go its way without adversely affecting us.  Truly, we are in it but not of it.
The Peace of God indeed confounds fleshly understanding; constantly and simultaneously, the world is baffled by it, yet craves it. That same magnificently awesome, steady, confident, pure, joyously unshakable Peace of God is with me, and I know it.  The unconquerable, incomparable Peace of God; is it with you? I pray so. 
"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I’m discovering Daddy’s heart in a new way, in the ways He uncovers me. By that I mean, no one can tell me about my personality like He can, because He created me.  He’s used many things to forward my education and discovery over the years but, this time, He’s giving me a front-row seat to my personality coming through art; specifically, what I paint.  God is using art to show me to me.

Developing the Gift

A few years ago, as a reward for perseverance and obedience, Daddy asked me to choose three things that He would give me. (Before I could feel really weird about it, I remembered how He approached Solomon in a dream and said to him, “Ask what I will give you…”  It made me feel better about accepting such an amazing opportunity; it also taught me more about the kind of God we serve; indeed, He is no respecter of persons.) After much consideration, one of the three things I chose was the ability to paint. I’d only drawn stick figures my whole life, and I wanted to experience what it was like to express myself artistically, on canvas.  Holy Spirit told me it would be necessary for me to first become acquainted with light and shading, via drawing/sketching. “First, you must understand ‘light,’ ” He softly said.  I know now that understanding light better is understanding God better (1 John 1:5), and my journey in this regarding is proving to be one of the most staggeringly fascinating of my existence. (Read more about His impartation in this 2013 post.)
My nephew Reuben is an artist; he was born with that ability, so I spoke with him at length about the gift once it manifested in me.  Reuben is a stunningly intelligent man. Talking with him introduced me to the deep understanding of light and its tendencies couched within his bosom.  To say it impressed me cheapens the true effect; honestly, I was profoundly touched.  IMO, Reuben is abundantly blessed with an understanding of the ‘personality’ of light - its characteristics , preferences, and predilections. That's lovely.  He is friends with light, and I am greatly inspired and moved by that.  He has been used of God to encourage me as I yield to new discoveries of myself through this imbuement. It's so like my darling Abba to orchestrate that for me.
Initially, I’d asked for the ability to paint in oils, and I completed several projects in oils, most of which I gave away to friends just as stunned as I was with God’s miracle. That was a fabulous time!

Fast-forward, Five Years

Now, the journey has begun anew with the acrylics medium, and I am even more delighted with what God has given me. I am so touched by His lasting tenderness toward me. His gifts are without repentance, folks; He's been storing it up within me for His use while He blesses me in other areas of life. He's brought a new husband, ministry, and a whole new life to my coffers according to His Faithful promise... so it's also time to revisit the pleasurable reward He graciously bestowed to my soul years ago in tribute to His own Spirit of obedience in me. O, how I love Him!
Here’s the latest project I’ve completed, which truly tugged on my emotions.  I call it, “Prayer Trees”:

"Prayer Trees"
Copyright 2016, S. Palmer.
All Rights Reserved.
The background appears periwinkle in this photo, but it’s actually purple (my camera skills aren’t that great!) because I adore the combination of purple and green.
To me, these four trees represent the Godhead and me (I’m the tiny one in the middle) and our secret, quiet time together in a place I always can trust.  I like it that I can “feel” this painting, know what I mean? I’m not all that accustomed to that because writing has historically been my place of emotional solace in terms of the work of my hands.  Abba is gracious.

The Best is Yet to Come!

I solicit your prayers as I continue traveling the roads God sets before me.  I’m realizing as I grow in Him that He alone possesses knowledge of my true depths; realms within me only He has plumbed.  I'm thrilled to know there's more to me, even at 50! I’m fascinated and willing to learn, and I am indelibly blessed to know that Daddy is even more willing to teach me. I ever bless His Precious, Holy Name.  Amen.
"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)