Friday, February 5, 2016

Got Peace?

The Peace of God is with me, and I know it. The stabilizing force of His confidence will settle a house into sweet stillness; it’s a Rock that is with all those who choose to embrace it. His Presence is all the help in the world. 

Nothing to worry or fret or stress about; nothing to fear. (Fear is NOT a natural part of Christian life.) Think about it... whenever a strong heart is around, you don’t want them to leave; the settling, calming, stabilizing security of Holy Spirit dwells within them, and you know the Presence of God is there; you know everything is anchored in His safety and security; you feel good. I've known souls like that, and now I am one of them. How grateful I am to Almighty God for accomplishing it! It’s HIS mercy and power that causes me to dwell in safety day by day knowing that, by His supernatural Presence, all things in my life are held together.  Where would I be without that Peace?  Where would any of us be? O, how we need Him! And when Christ is with us - the very embodiment of Peace that “passes understanding” - the world can go its way without adversely affecting us.  Truly, we are in it but not of it.
The Peace of God indeed confounds fleshly understanding; constantly and simultaneously, the world is baffled by it, yet craves it. That same magnificently awesome, steady, confident, pure, joyously unshakable Peace of God is with me, and I know it.  The unconquerable, incomparable Peace of God; is it with you? I pray so. 
"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)