Friday, June 17, 2016

The Only Real Relief

It's important to understand that there's no real relief or release apart from God.  Whenever I'm jumbled up in my emotions, heart, or body - God is the only real cure.

By now, Daddy's Girl readers know that I also enjoy painting; God has given me a gift regarding it and, while I'm no pro, I no longer meander sorrowfully in the valley of stick figures and horses that look like cows (that's where I was before His impartation). I've discovered that painting facilitates emotional release and gives me JOY; that got me thinking...

Whenever we indulge in things that please God, we receive the fruit of His pleasure. It's His Spirit Who gives us the desire to partake so we'll be bathed in the benefits pumped from the well of God's beneficent blessings. Hallelujah!

But... when it comes to the true and utter relief of my soul from its problems and burdens, spending time with God - undistracted by painting, writing, reading, or even prayer for others - is the only remedy.  Looking into His eyes and telling Him how much I love Him and ache for His eternal world to come soothes and lightens my soul like nothing else.  Sure, God already knows how I feel about Him, but that's not the point - it's loving exchange that He wants... it's my company... it's fellowship.  God wants to hang out with me like two buddies would, speaking in tones only mutually audible, that carry sensitive, private topics. 

Daddy wants to breathe on me and embrace me; for every time He breathes, He creates, and every time He embraces, He heals.  That's the only place for me, for in it I'm freed of toil and truly restored in ways beyond anything painting or writing can accomplish. When we "gush" on God, He gushes right back on us... and HIS gushing does far more than ours! He IS Love and, in Him, is refreshing, healing, blessing, renewal, repentance, forgiveness, strength, energy, JOY, imagination, creativity, clarity, comfort, courage...  everything we need to pick up and start again. I love the Lord!

Seek Him alone for true relief.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)