Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Awesome Jealousy

The past several days I've been thinking on how marvelous it is that God is jealous over us. On the whole, I believe humanity considers jealousy a negative thing, when it really isn't. Its origins are Godly, born of love - only when soiled with perversion is jealousy negative.

I believe what I love most about it is that God is jealous because He wants to give, while the sullied emotion wants to take.  One motive embraces altruism and the other greed; one is born of love, the other lust.

Daddy knows what He created me for and couched in those pure intentions is also the loving Wisdom that says, "I Am the only One Who can give you what you've been fashioned for; I created you to eat from My Hand continually... to receive the very best from The Very Best, for your certain good. No one else possesses that power over your Destiny, nor could any substitute ever love you more than I."

Those are righteous thoughts, beloved.  They are God's thoughts toward us, and He makes no bones about the jealousy He feels amidst His passion. Indeed, the scriptures say we have been betrothed to one Husband that [Holy Spirit] might present us as a pure bride to Christ. That's serious stuff, and Jesus takes it seriously.  The Godhead is fiercely jealous over our allegiances, because They love us fiercely and are consumed with burning zeal for the fulfillment of our Destiny in Yahweh Who personally plans and patterns each one.

When jealousy is born of God, it is a truly awesome and beautiful thing. It should never be mishandled or provoked, but appreciated and reverenced as coming from the One True Husband and Lover of our souls. He is the only One Who can birth the "certain good" ordained for our lives by His own Hand. Amen.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)