Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Remember... and Be Reconciled

"I saw Him... in the hills, in the trees, in the miracle of the birth of lambs. I felt His mercy when the wolves had fled and my flock was safe, when spring broke the grip of snow and ice, when the cool wind blew after the heat of the day. I saw His splendor in the flowers blazing on the hillsides and the stars burning in the sky, and knew His hand... in everything."

(Excerpt from the 20th Century Fox 1951 film, "David and Bathsheba")

I love those lines. I identify with them.

As Daddy's Girl readers know, I'm an old movie buff... this awesome film has been part of my collection for years.  Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward were fine film actors, and the realness of their portrayal of one of history's most torrid couplings always touches my heart.

Their early romance shows what lust, greed, jealousy, and lying can do to people. King David basically had it all, and God would have given him even more; but he coveted most what was not his - Uriah's wife. Jealousy is the spirit of murder, and David was jealous of Uriah; we know the rest of what happened and how. But that's not the focus of my love for this epic portrayal of our patriarch - his repentance is.

"Return to Me..."

David allowed God's Spirit to refocus him and return him to his first (and only true) love. In the scene from which the lines above are taken, he's talking to Bathsheba about how he adored the Lord in his youth before lust and covetousness took hold of him and led him astray.

If we're honest, we will all admit we know what it is like to let worldly life and fleshly desires creep in; we know what it is to have our focus blurred and be in desperate need of repentance and refocus in God.  We'll also admit that - once we've returned to God's senses - Abba's arms of forgiveness, strengthening, and refocus are wrapped lovingly around us.

That same God is waiting for anyone reading this who has lost sight of Him as their first love. You know what it is to love the Lord with all of your being, and you want to be restored to that place of fervor with all that's in you.  To you, I say, He is waiting.

Take time to remember the sweetness of relationship with Him, and how His mercy has shown down upon you time after time (whether you deserved it or not) in sparing you from the sting of death and keeping you safe from harm.  Recall His tender surprises in kindness, encouragement, and strength from people you didn't know, when you least expected it; for HE IS THE INITIATOR of everything good and perfect in your life. He restored me (repeatedly), and He will restore you and every willing heart. Amen.

Take time to remember, beloved... remember... and repent. Remember, and bless His Holy Name.  Remember, and return unto the God of your "youth" - the God you loved, for Whom you would have died.  He's still there, waiting and willing to be reconciled. Amen.

I bless you in the Name of the Lord.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)