Thursday, June 1, 2017

Higher and Higher...

Over the past few months I've seen God's discernment grow to higher levels within me. That's been very gratifying. Lately, I've also noted how adhering to God's desire for us to hold on to Him as He rides the stallion of our lives (with our heads solidly nestled between His shoulder blades to hear His heart) simultaneously governs my emotions and hones His Wisdom within me. It's what He promised would happen.

In short, when the enemy plots something for my hurt that God actually has foreordained for my good, I now spend more time gratefully praising Abba for His plan revealed than I do gritting my teeth at satan.

That's advancement, God-style.

Think about it - if our emotions get all out of whack, no one (including God) can do anything with us. It's not that God's powerless, it's that He won't bulldoze His way into our visceral realms to force us to behave. We have to choose to be clothed with Daddy's calming, righteous discernment; we must choose not to succumb to the enemy's chiding and tazing of our vulnerabilities. When we keep our eyes on Jesus (realizing Romans 8:28 is ALWAYS affecting our lives), there is literally nothing the enemy or his agents (I prefer the term "flunkies") can do to harm our emotions.  I love that.

Yep, these truths have existed all along but, when they take hold of my life in daily operation and I behold their harmonious interaction with my soul, I can't help but bless the Lord! Saying the enemy is powerless and pathetic is one thing; witnessing his incessant failures with true comprehension of God's Might is quite another. Praise Yahweh's Holy Name!


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)